We’re Kräftsmen

Leather is our passion, we have spent ages

inspiring the finest work from our all around the globe

and its time we redirect our ideas

to craft our own.

Not so long ago, two brothers from humble beginnings took an initiative to revive and restructure the local leather industry.

Our aim has always been to challenge and revive the conventional business models so that the native
craftsmen can get rewarded for their hard work.

Therefore we perceive ourselves as, a channel,
which amplifies the reach of craftsmen.

We are a family!

We believe in equal distribution of rewards hence our way of supporting the industry is unconventional. KRÄFTSMEN provides a creative forum to the global craftsmen where they are free to come on board and demonstrate their creativity, which then gets perfected through our checkpoint-analysis to assure the conformance with the core brand values.

Leather Hide
Patterns Cutting
Skiving Edges
Applying Glue
Grooving lines
Pre Stitch Roulette
Carving Mallet
Pricking Holes
Hand Stitching
Leather Wallet


We are a platform where we give importance to the uniqueness of individuals who have spent ages crafting goods without recognition.
Our brand offers all such craftsmen a home, which offers them a family to look up to.

Kraftsmen Leather - Wallets
Kraftsmen Leather - Craftsmanship
Kraftsmen Leather - Hides